Front End Developer Jobs and Salary
                          Web Development

                          Front-End Developer Jobs & Salary

                          You’ve graduated college, code school or watched enough YouTube videos to become a web developer – or you want a raise – now what? If you know enough JavaScript and UI principles, then you can get started at a front-end developer job making a decent salary. The team at Gennovcap has put together a helpful resource for new or experienced front-end developers to get hired and get a raise.

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                          B2C Search Engine Marketing Strategies

                          B2C Search Engine Marketing Strategies

                          Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of gaining traffic and visibility by appearing in search engines (Google & Bing) when people are searching for the kinds of products and services you offer.

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                          remote web developer job
                          App Development

                          How to land a remote web developer job

                          Whether you work from home or choose to be a “digital nomad” traversing the continents, remote work is all the rage – web development included. Remote web developer jobs offer signify ultimate freedom for many people; all you need is your laptop and an internet connection, and you’re in business. You can work from anywhere, whether that be at home, a local coffee shop or your favorite vacation spot.

                          While landing such a dream job can seem out of reach, especially if you’re new to the industry, there are several steps you can take to help your career as a remote web developer take off in the right direction. Here are six tips for landing remote web developer jobs.

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