Machine Learning

                          Data has always been one of mankind’s most important resources: it guides every decision we make. Now we can collect and analyze what was once an incomprehensible amount of data with machine learning solutions.

                          If your organization is not investing in more advanced methods of data mining, then you’re at a distinct disadvantage to your competitors that are. From Facebook’s ad targeting to NASA’s ability to track global wildfires, machine learning is driving exciting innovations in technology today.?

                          Here’s how one scientist uses machine learning to help track asteroids:

                          You probably already know what data is important for your organization to achieve its goals, but you might not know how machine learning solutions could help. Let the trusted experts at Gennovacap help guide your company through building and analyzing large clusters of data.

                          Our?AWS DevOps experts?were able to lower one AI company’s?Amazon AWS billing by 90%.?We’d love to do the same for your organization. These days you really can’t afford?not?to harness the power of artificial intelligence to accomplish your goals.

                          Our Capabilities

                          Whether you need to sift through large amounts of data for visualizations, recommendation engines, clustering, time series analysis and forecasting – our team of engineers are experienced at providing machine learning solutions with:

                          Amazon Comprehend

                          Google Dialogflow

                          Google Cloud Vision

                          Google Cloud Vision


                          Amazon Lex

                          Google Cloud Natural Language

                          Google Cloud Natural Language

                          Amazon Transcribe

                          Amazon Transcribe

                          Amazon Rekognition Video

                          Machine Learning Solutions with Google Translation

                          Google Cloud Translation

                          The Gennovacap

                          Let us take care of the machines, so you can learn to from the data you need to grow your organization. Gaining the insights from your data is never just about technical know-how. It’s about consultants who know how to work with people. That’s Gennovacap’s other expertise. We know what questions to ask, tools to use and training you’ll need to beat the competition. 

                          Get started today by setting up consultation with one of machine learning experts: